Steps for Discipline

Every incident at home and school should include a teaching/learning moment.

All steps below will include, but are not limited to:

  • An opportunity for the student to explain the situation and their actions.
    • What happened? How did it make you feel?
  • A discussion about why the student's actions were inappropriate.
    • How do you think the other person felt when you ... ? What could you have done differently? Discuss possible options with the student.
  • A discussion about how the student will respond in the future.
    • What will you do next time in the same situation? Responses should coincide with the previous discussion about the student's possible options.

Step 1: Teacher to problem solve with the student using the above protocol.

Step 2: Teacher to give appropriate consequence for reoccurring behavior (e.g., quiet time or time-out in the classroom reflection zone, journal time, change of seat, loss of class free time.)

Step 3: Teacher makes contact with the parents. Teacher and parent meet together to develop a home-school behavior support plan.

Step 4: Teacher to consult with support staff (e.g., counselor, psychologist or nurse) to add additional Tier 2 supports if the behavior continues.

Step 5: The principal, teacher, and counselor, psychologist, and parent meet to review behavior history and previous support plan. A chronic behavior support plan, which will include Tier 3 supports will be developed and monitored.

Please note: Zero Tolerance behaviors are sent directly to principal.

**Parents, we welcome and invite you to make contact with your child's teacher throughout the school year.

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